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Terms & Conditions for Rental

All rental charges on our website are exclusive of VAT, delivery, collection, assembly and dismantling.

Following acceptance of the proposal, CPH Lounge ApS will send a final confirmation. This can be cancelled at no cost, up to three weeks prior to the agreed setup date.

In the event of cancellation after this period, the following charges apply.

21 - 15 days prior to contract date - 25% of the total order is due.
14 - 8 days prior to contract date - 50% of the total order is due.
7 - 1 day prior to contract date - 75% of the total order is due.

If the products are from external suppliers or specially produced, the full amount will be charged, unless an alternative agreement had been made.

Responsibility and insurance
The client is responsible for insurance of the rented products for the entire period from receipt of the products, until their return to CPH Lounge ApS.

Calculation of charge in relation to rental period
The rental fee is for one day’s rental, with a possibility of delivery the day before and collection the day after the event.

If the rented products are to be used for more than one day, the charge will be multiplied by the following factors:

Days:                                  Rental factor:
1:                                         1.00
2:                                        1.25
3-4:                                     1.50
5-10:                                   2.00
11-14:                                   2.50
14+                                      The rental factor is fixed by agreement.

Branding of CPH Lounge’s furniture
Film and other material may not be mounted on our products without prior written agreement. Any materials used must be approved in advance.
CPH Lounge ApS offers production and branding as a free service.

If foil or any other material is, without express written consent, adhered to our furniture, you will be charged the amount to cover any damage, repair or cleaning.

Payment and payment terms
Unless otherwise agreed, the invoice is Payable on Receipt.
All new customers pay in full on receipt of the Order Confirmation.

For orders in excess of DKK 20,000, we reserve the right to receive at least 50% on Order Confirmation.

Special productions are payable in full upon order confirmation. 

Freight charges 
Weekdays (8 am - 5 pm)
Delivery and collection – Greater Copenhagen: From DKK 750 each way, excluding VAT.
Delivery and collection – Zealand: From DKK 950 each way, excluding VAT.
Delivery outside Zealand – please contact us for a price.

Evening (5 pm – 8 am)
Delivery and collection – Greater Copenhagen: From DKK 1,200 each way, excluding VAT.
Delivery and collection – Zealand: From DKK 1,500 each way, excluding VAT
Delivery outside Zealand – please contact us for a price.

When renting or purchasing products from external suppliers, there may be additional shipping costs in accordance with the proposal.

Delivery and Collection
Delivery and collection rates are valid for street level. If delivery is to anywhere other than street level, this will incur extra costs.

If delivery at street level is not possible, this must be declared in connection with the proposal, or at the latest when confirming the offer.

Receiving of products
The client is responsible for checking the rented products on receipt and should immediately notify CPH Lounge ApS of any defects or errors. Contact the Project Manager directly or the office, by telephone on 0045 70 22 00 31.

In the highly unlikely event that there is any damage to the products upon delivery, photographic documentation must be forwarded by email to, prior to the start of the event.

Assembly and dismantling
Assembly and dismantling can be ordered by agreement. However, certain furniture is not available without ordering our assembly/dismantling service.

Return of products
The furniture must be packed correctly when returned and rented products must be returned in the same condition as they were received.

A cleaning fee is payable by the client if the product is not returned in a clean condition. The cleaning fee is DKK 375, excluding VAT.

The rented products must be returned in accordance with the date on the order confirmation. A new rental period will commence if the products are returned later than agreed.

Changes to the order
Changes, by way of addition or reduction of furniture, from our own warehouse, can be made up to two business days prior to delivery, at no extra cost. However, up to a maximum of 10% of the total order.

When changing products from external suppliers or special products, the full amount will be charged unless otherwise agreed.

If products are added to the order following the Order Confirmation, CPH Lounge ApS cannot guarantee that the product is available.

If the change has an effect on packing or transport, this may incur additional costs. The customer will always be alerted to possible additional costs as soon as the change to the order is confirmed.

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