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Event Production

For both private and public event organizers, we has more than twenty years experience, in event production of concerts, conferences, meetings, sport events, exhibitions, award, fashion and TV shows

With more than 25 years experience of various productions we posesses a unique experience in making sure all elements fit and follow the concept of your event - and “on time”.

If you are about to launch your product, create a conference, exhibition, meeting, party or a concert? Then we can provide a one direct contact - maintaining and completing all your needs & ideas.

Good dialogue, thorough overview and expertise in project-, product-, & budget management 

Cooperation, planning and performance throughout the whole process. the best people... 

Legislative Permissions 

Before an event can be realized, many legislative factors and demands has to be considered.

Technical Knowhow

The everchanging technological development provides infinite possibilities in creating technical universes to support your message.

Show Management

In relation to all the many possibilities there are in terms of light, sound and video it is essential that those “pressing the buttons” are reliable but yet flexible.


Crowd Control and the safety of your guests are alpha omega to us.

Venue Design & Production

We offers support to graphic design, scaled overview drawings along with many other renderings & illustrations.

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